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Description: Neapolis/Νεάπολις


All recorded names

  • Neapolis/Νεάπολις (Default toponym)

    Institution: Cyprus permanent committee for the standardisation of geographical names

    Title: Complete Gazetteer of Cyprus

    Date: 1987

    Page: 889

    Description: Geonoma

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  • Author: Machairas, Leontios/Μαχαιράς VIAF link

    Title: Recital concerning the sweet land of Cyprus, entitled 'Chronicle'

    Date: 1400

    Page: §30. pp. 28-29

    Description: Τυχικοῦ τοῦ ἁγιωτάτου ἐπισκόπου Νέας Πόλεως Λεμεσοῦ.

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    Author: Machairas, Leontios/Μαχαιράς VIAF link

    Title: Χρονικό της Κύπρου, Manuscript V

    Date: 1523

    Page: 82, MS. V 14v

    Description: νέαc πόλεοc λεμεσοῦ


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