Pediaios/Πεδιαῖος, river

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Description: Pediaios/Πεδιαῖος, river


All recorded names

  • Author: Smith, William VIAF link

    Title: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography

    Date: 1854

    Page: Dictionary entry

    Description: the largest river of Cyprus

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    Institution: Cyprus permanent committee for the standardisation of geographical names

    Title: Complete Gazetteer of Cyprus

    Date: 1987

    Page: 967, 968

    Description: River

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  • Author: Jeffery, George VIAF link

    Title: A description of the historic monuments of Cyprus

    Date: 1918

    Page: 22 etc.

    Description: Described at several points

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  • Author: Ptolemaeus, Claudius VIAF link

    Title: Geographia (Ptolemy)

    Date: 150 - 170

    Page: 5.13.3, 956

    Description: Πεδιαόυ ποτ. ἐκβολαί 66*50 35°20

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    Author: Kyprianos/Κυπριανός, Αρχιμανδρίτης VIAF link

    Title: Ἱστορία Χρονολογικὴ τῆς Νήσου Κύπρου

    Date: 1788

    Page: 19

    Description: ὁ λεγόμενος Πεδαῖος

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  • Author: Hogarth, D. G. VIAF link

    Title: Devia Cypria

    Date: 1889

    Page: 60 etc.

    Description: Hogarth uses as a point of reference

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  • Author: Bustron, Florio VIAF link

    Title: Chronique de l'Île de Chypre de Florio Bustron

    Date: 1550 - 1570

    Page: 29 etc

    Description: Pedea, torrente

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  • Author: Attar, Leonida VIAF link

    Title: Cyprus 1542: The Great Map of the Island

    Date: 1542 - 1542

    Page: 139

    Description: River Starts from village Cuca and ends in Costanza. Name written in capitals


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